Hime Ishida

Hana wa sakuragi, hito wa bushi

A look inside Shimane

sen02_ph08_lI think Shimane Prefecture is one of the most amazing places, though I love the whole Japan. Shimane is a land of nature, history and myth. The most important areas are Izumo in the East, Iwami in the West and the Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan. The Izumo area is the birthplace of Japan and is known as the province of the gods, as one third of the first section of Kojiki is set in this region, and it is said that deities were active here. Izumo Taisha is one of the most ancient and important shrines of Japan, and it is dedicated to Okuninushi-no-mikoto, deity of marriage.
The Iwami Ginzan silver mine was very important in the 16th century, because it was considered the biggest mine in Japan, as many people visited the region to buy Japanese silver. It played a role in cultural exchange between Japan and the West.
Here now some random photos, because Shimane is a land of mountains, rivers, lake, sea, and nature survives in all its perfection.
akauma falls
Here’s the link to JAXA website: http://world_heritage.jaxa.jp/en/contents/jaxa/ramsar/index.php



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