Hime Ishida

Hana wa sakuragi, hito wa bushi

About me

I’m an engineering student, but there are too many things I want to do, places I want to see, pleople I may meet just to stop there. I love writing even if many times I don’t have the time to; and I love taking photographs of my amazing dog and nature, especially flowers.
I love Japan and Japanese culture since I was a child and I dream of visiting Tokyo with just a map in hands. I have an insane willing of climbing volcanoes, which I have always been passionate about, as well as earthquakes and seismology in general. And this leads me directly to San Francisco and California. I’m always amazed by aeroplanes and space and this beautiful spaceship we live in.
I’m not interested in politics, so everything I write is dictated by my personal views and not due to the thought of any party.
I declare myself an agnostic (and not even know if it is a consistent definition), because I have yet to determine whether a deity exists or not. Maybe I believe more in Fate.
#HoneyWheeler – #ESATweetUp – #FragileOasis – #LittleBlackStar – #JoviNation
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Un commento su “About me

  1. Favilla

    Mi piace il tuo profilo, abbiamo sicuramente alcune “passioni” in comune…
    Mi diverte l’idea di una discussione sul Destino (perchè maiuscolo?). Io, forse, credo di più nel caso….figlio o padre del caos? 🙂


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